January 31, 2017
UTP Category 5E LAN Cable
January 31, 2017
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Cold shrink tubes made of silicone rubber or EPDM rubber are a series of open ends, tubular rubber sleeves, which are manufactory expanded and assembled onto a removable supporting plastic core.
They are supplied for field installation in this pre-stretched condition. The core is removed after the tube has positioned for installation over an in line connection, terminal lug, etc., allowing the tube to shrink and form a waterproof seal.


  • Simple installation
  • No tools or heating required
  • Tightly sealing, retaining its resiliency and pressure
  • Even after years of aging and exposure
  • Great thermal stability
  • Excellent chemical and wet electrical properties
  • Improved tough rubber formulation to withstand rough
  • Backfilling only for EPDM serial
  • Waterproof which can meet requirements of IP67
  • Acids and alkalis resistance
  • Ozone and ultraviolet resistance
  • Compact design, especially suitable for small space

Background and Application

Antenna-feeder system is an important part of mobile communication system, properties of which are vital to the communication quality.
Exposure of antenna and feeder may moisturize the connectors, which may gather condensed water on the connectors between jumper and antenna or between feeder and jumper. All of these may rise the standing wave ratio and cause power loss, resulting in minifying the covering range of the station.
Therefore, they are ideal sealing products, mainly used to connecting points between antenna and feeder or between feeders in antenna-feeder system of mobile communication station for sealing. The excellent sealing properties can even achieve synchronous-breathing. Meanwhile, they can be used in zones of heavy pollution, lower temperature and high elevation.


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