Metal dsub backshell 50 pos Top E
February 4, 2017
Two-Piece RFI/EMI Shield db37 backshell 45 DE
February 4, 2017
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Plastic db9 hood kits with 4-40 unc screw

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The detailed parameters

Cable Exit Angle Straight/45 degree
Pin count
Material Die-Cast Metal (Zinc Alloy), plastic
Color Nickel,Chrome,Black,Gold,Silver,Grey
Special Features EMI/RFI Shield, Grommets
Screws Short screw Thread 4-40 UNC

Jack screw Thread 4-40 UNC

Product certification ROHS,SGS
  • EMV complete metal hood for D-Sub connectors
  • Two knurled thumb screws UNC 4-40
  • Attenuation better than 40dB at 30MHz to 1GHz
  • Zinc die casting with silver surface
  • Cable diameter 4.0…13.0mm
  • Temperature range -40…+120°C
  • Available in 3 industry sizes/positions (9, 15, 25,37,50).
  • Available in die cast for over 70 dB shielding.
  • Easy assembly reduces manufacturing cost.
  • Non-conductive grommet/strain relief supplied to enhance shielding and provide proper strain relief.Slide locks and posts must be purchased separately.


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